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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Dear Valued Clients

Over the last week or so the impact and potential spread of COVID-19 have increased dramatically and the expectation is that this will continue in the near term.

Whilst the situation and guidance continue to change daily, we would like to reassure you that Alderburgh is taking all necessary steps to ensure that our employees remain safe, and that our business presrves continuity of supply for all our customers and clients

We are following the government and Polypipe Group guidelines in terms of:

  • Hygiene procedures
  • Working from home
  • Social distancing
  • Business travel, meetings and events
  • Staff self-isolation (if required)
  • erpetual monitoring

A mitigaion plan has been drafted and implemented to protect our employees, secure our supply chain and ensure that the business can continue to provide an excellent level of service.

Joe Strong

Managing Director



19th March 2020

Once again, we're in the LSE1000 Companies to Inspire Britain!

For the second year in a row, Alderburgh Ltd has been included in the London Stock Exchange Group's 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain Report, which showcases the UK's most inspiring and fastest growing companies.

To be selected, businesses have to demonstrate positve growth in revenue over the last thee years and outperform their sector peers. The resulting report is a unique and varied list of the UK's most dynamic companies, and we're thrilled to have been selected again for inclusion in the report.

We're very lucky to have a dedicated, hard working team at Alderburgh, everyone contributes to the company's success and we're very proud that our combined efforts and achievements have been recognised once more!


Pluvial Cube gains IAB certificate, confirming compliance with CIRIA C737

Pluvial Cube has been awarded NSAI Agrement (IAB) certificate 18/0401, the first stormwater module to be awarded a certificate confirming that the product can be designed to ensure that combined dead and imposed loads are sustained and transmitted to the ground in compliance with CIRIA C737 Structural and geotechnical design of modular geocellular drainage systems.

Contact our engineers for help in ensuring that your design is CIRIA C737 compliant  too -





Alderburgh in the LSE 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain!

Alderburgh Ltd has been included in the London Stock Exchange Group's 1000 Companies to Inspire  Britain report, which showcases the UK's most inspiring and fastest growing companies.

To be selected, businesses have to demonstrate not only positive growth in revenue over the last three years but also outperform their sector peers; the result is a unique and varied list of the UK's most dynamic companies!

We are proud to have been selected for inclusion in this report, and it is a recognition of the tremendous work and effort that our whole team contributes to the company.

Alderburgh supports Pigs Inn Heaven!

At Alderburgh, we give ongoing support to our favourite charity, Pigs Inn Heaven  which is a sanctuary for unwanted or abused pet pigs and turtles / terrapins.

Sadly, some people buy into the myth of the tiny pet pig, the sort you can carry in a handbag like a small dog... unfortunately, what they've bought is simply a piglet that wil grow and grow, there's no such thing as a micro pig!

The pigs can end up living in completly unsuitable conditions, being abused, overfed, no excecise, and no company from other pigs - these are sociable animals, they should always be kept with at last one other pig. Sadly, many are abandoned or mistreated to the point of near-death.

Pigs Inn Heaven currently has 75 pigs, 5 of which are set to be rehomed to responsible new owners shortly; they aim to rehome as many as possible and ask for people to sponsor the animals to help with costs of those that they have long-term.

They also have 44 turtles and terrapins - again, these get bought as tiny things the size of a 10p piece and can grow to more than the size of a dinner plate; they need specific conditions, and end up being abandoned or released into rivers, canals, parks ponds or simply dumped in the street. A change in the law means these can't be rehomed any longer, and so Pigs Inn Heaven makes a long-term commitment to care for them.

Why not follow their Facebook Page and keep up to date with all their activities?









Alderprufe Ultra VOCM membrane at Aldi Cardiff

Specialist Installer Solutek Environmental Ltd has started to install Alderprufe Ultra VOCM membrane on a new Aldi Store at Cardiff., to protect against methane & carbon dioxide, but also against the hydrocarbon contamination in the ground.

We made column cloaks in our factory to suit the steel stanchions - this cuts down installation time at site, while ensuring a perfect fit. Solutek will be welding all the overlaps in the Alderprufe Utra VOCM - the use of factory-formed cloaks means they can also weld the cloaks to the main membrane.

We'll also make Ultra VOCM pipe collars for them.

You'll find full information on Alderprufe Ultra VOCM  and all our other gas protection products in the Gas Barrier & Ventilation section of this website 



NEW DEVELOPMENT - AIC Channels provide full accessibility to attenuation tanks

AIC channels can be used in conjunction with Versavoid, Pluvial Cube or Pluvial Invicta modules to provide open and accessible channels for maintenance and inspection of attenuation tanks as advocated in Ciria C737. Both the channels and the modules can be accessed, unlike with pipe and stone trench 'French Drain' arrangements through tanks, which a) prevent access into the modules, b) provide access through the pipe only, and c) invariably cannot  match the loading capability of the modules or the design lifespan required of the modules.

The channels are 500mm wide and typically run the full length of the tank. As reference exampls, one or more channels were used in the attenuation tanks at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (4,515m3), Grundos Waste Transfer Depot at Banbury (1,450m3) and Stoneywood Primary School, Aberdeen (620m3)