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AIC Channels provide full accessibility to attenuation tanks

AIC channels can be used in conjunction with Versavoid or Pluvial Cube modules to provide open and accessible channels for maintenance and inspection of attenuation tanks.  Both the channels and the modules can be accessed, unlike with pipe and stone trench 'French Drain' arrangements through tanks, which a) prevent access into the modules, b) provide access through the pipe only, and c) invariably cannot  match the loading capability of the modules or the design lifespan required of the modules.

The channels are 500mm wide and typically run the full length of the tank. As reference exampls, one or more channels were used in the attenuation tanks at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre (4,515m3), Grundos Waste Transfer Depot at Banbury (1,450m3) and Stoneywood Primary School, Aberdeen (620m3)